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3 tips on shaping your wedding flower budget

Wedding Flower Budgeting


If there’s one thing I hear a lot when it comes to planning wedding flowers in West Sussex, it’s how on earth do I distribute my wedding flower cost when I have no idea how much anything costs.

Which I TOTALLY get is frustrating when prices are not always listed. The reason for this is because wedding flower prices for designs are bespoke and factors such as the venue space, flowers used, labour involved, whether or not a second pair of hands are needed, the amount of abundance the design will have, and so on.

But just because prices aren’t shown, that doesn’t mean you have to sit in overwhelm or confusion.

Tips to help you shape your wedding flowers budget

⚡️Not sure where to start? Focus on creating the most impact with a ceremony feature, such as aisle flowers, mini-meadows, floral columns, mantel designs, an archway, or urns – all arrangements which can be reused in other areas of your venue later in the day! Budget permitting, we can explore how we can create further impact with tables and other areas for a cohesive look.

⚡️ Have a think about where the most foot-fall will be on the day and the areas of your venue you’d like to make the most impact in

⚡️ Less is more when it comes to choosing designs to include

⚡️ Flexibility is key! We are literally obsessed with what we do, and we’ll always make recommendations that we believe you will be obsessed with too that fit your wedding day vision

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If you have any questions about wedding flowers or want to run an idea past me, just pop me an email or a DM on Instagram and I’ll be more than happy to help!




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