A bespoke wedding is a wedding flower experience that's tailored to your unique style and design requirements. I will take your ideas and build a personalised wedding flower quotation that will complement your unique wedding venue, your wedding day vibe and you as a couple.


The first step is to submit an initial enquiry via the Contact Page.  I will then confirm if your date is available within 48 hours - simple as that! To secure a booking, all that's needed is a 20% non refundable booking deposit based on your approed quotation  and a signed contract.

Can I request certain flowers?

Yes, however, we can never promise specific flowers due to market availability. Certain flowers will more often than not be available all year round, such as Roses and Lisianthus. As long as we have information on your colour palette and the vibe you're after, we'll have a good idea of what will be in season and you can trust that we'll create magic for you. Please do share any flowers that are a must or you'd like included for sentimental reasons, and I will do my very best!

I've got so many ideas but i'm not sure if my budget will allow it!

Flowers can completely transform a space - it's totally normal to get swept away with ideas when we have Pinterest and Instagram are at our disposal!

When you enquire, I'll ask you to complete a short Design Q&A which will allow me to create an initial quotation for you. It's at this point we'll know if the wishlist marries up to the wedding budget.

This initial quotation is perfect though as it will be the foundation for us to determine what your priorities are and where you see flowers playing an important role in your wedding day, then we shape it accordingly!

do you deliver on the day?

Absolutely, we’ll deliver all your flowers personally. We’ll coordinate the time and location with you during the planning process and work with your wedding venue coordinator to ensure the smooth running on the morning of your wedding - you don't need to worry about a thing.

how much do flowers cost?

Every florist works within a particular price range, you may have seen the phrase 'minimum spend', which will tell you their price bracket. We generally work on average from £3000 and upwards bracket.

In terms of what your budget will get you, we dive into the numbers pretty quickly in the process so that we can start to shape your budget to exactly what will suit the venue space and wish list.

Other things that may affect the price include the amount of abundance you would like, the distance to the venue, and if additional florists are needed to execute your dream floral vision. 

any tips on how to shape my budget?

I see wedding flowers as falling into three categories - Personal Flowers, Ceremony Flowers, and Reception Flowers. How you use your budget will depend on where you want to place the most visual impact, something that we'll work together on!

what can you create for my wedding day?

Whatever you can imagine being a must to the floral vision for your wedding day! I LOVE getting creative and dreaming up ethereal settings that enhance spaces. Some examples include:

Archways, Broken Archways, Floral Columns, Aisle Flowers, Mantelpiece Floral Features, Staircase Meadows, Statement Urns, Moongates, Ceiling Installations.

Some table decor floral ideas include Vases that match your vibe, Mini-Meadows, Simple Bud Vases, Elevated Arrangements, and the use of Candlelight. 

what happens after i book?

By this point, we'll have created a vision for your wedding flowers and have a plan for the arrangements that will be created to make your dreams a reality. We'll continue to work together to fine-tune your vision and have a lot of fun along the way.

Once booked, you'll be free to add any additional items or alter any designs that are already in place. Officially, we'll then have another Zoom call six weeks before the big day to go over the final details and finalise all arrangements. 

After this, the wish list cannot be altered as I will begin to make orders with my wholesalers.

Our process has been designed to give you ultimate flexibility. You are free to get in touch as often or as little as you want to between booking and our six-weeks-out consultation, there is zero pressure.

are you lgbtqia+ friendly?

Absolutely. I'm here to support and guide all couples in love with their wedding flower journey.

what areas do you cover?

I serve couples getting married in East Sussex, Hampshire, West Sussex and Surrey, from Barns to Manor Houses, I can't wait to hear more about your love story.

my partner/i suffer from hayfever, can you still help?

This is super common and I can 100% help - there are so many varieties of beautiful flowers we can utilise without it causing havoc. Just let me know when you enquire! 

what happens to my flowers after the wedding day?

I'm glad you asked! I'll be returning to your wedding venue after carriages or early the next morning (I'll have spoken to your venue coordinator to prior arrnage this) to clean up and pack down. You are free to take any flowers at the end of the night, just please don't take the vases!

A lot of couples love to preserve their flowers after their wedding - I'm really happy to provide you with reccommendations on a number of options.

do you offer wedding packages?

Because of the bespoke nature of my work, I do not offer wedding packages at this time. If you'd like to know what your wedding flower budget can achieve, I'd be very happy to provide you with a quotation and make reccommendations specifically for your wedding venue space.

are you insured?

You bet! Your wedding venue will likely request a PLI (public liability insurance) certificate prior to your wedding day - just let me know and I'd be more than happy to pop this across to them.

do you have a minimum spend?

During peak seasons (Apr - Oct) I have a minimum spend of £3,000 in place. This wedding flowers budget often includes a  statement flower installation, personal flowers and classic bud vase table decor.

how far in advance should i book my wedding flowers?

We see couples coming to us anywhere between 6-24 months! We reccommend having a few things in place before contacting us, such as your wedding date and wedding venue. It's also helpful to know your approximate flower budget so that we can tailor our reccomendations accordingy.

The most popular wedding months we see getting booked up first are the peak months between May - September, so do get in touch ASAP if you know you'd love to have us create some floral magic for your wedding day.

is a site visit required after we book?

Our communication with more often than not be a mixture of Zoom calls, email or WhatsApp due to my wedding diary commitments and so that there is a chain to always reference back to, which is always handy! 

If your design requirements are a little more technical where, say, I'll need to take measurements, I will suggest we meet at your wedding venue after you secure your date to walk-through the design plan to assist design mock ups.


1. Enquire via our website Contact page
2. The fun begins  - I'll email you a link to book in a Consutation and also a link to my Design Questionnaire to complete
3. We'll jump on our Zoom call Consultation to meet, talk about your wedding day vision, and find out if we're a great fit for one another
4. I'll then pop over a Quotation to be approved
5. All that's left to do is pay a non-refundable Booking Deposit and sign the contract, then it's all locked in!
6. If needed, we'll arrange a site visit after confirming. I'll be able to let you know during the Consultation if I feel it's required.
7. The 6 weeks out Consultation is where we'll go over the design plan, confirm quantities, logistics, timings for your wedding day, and colour palette. It's always best to discuss these details closer to your wedding day as we understand you may change your mind!
9. The final balance is due 4 weeks from your wedding day.
10. We'll then rock up on your wedding day ready to transforrm your venue with dreamy flower designs!

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