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wedding flower minimum spend

Wedding Flower Minimum Spend Explained

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As a West Sussex wedding flowers supplier, there are so many questions couples are wondering at the start of their planning, one being why wedding florists sometimes have a set miniumum spend.

Allow me to explain.

Wedding Flowers Minimum Spend Explained

1) When I buy flowers, they can come in packets of 10, 25 or 50 individual stems – wholesale quantities. There needs to be enough spend in order to spread these flowers across all arrangements so that there is minimal wastage. I am not a flower shop that can sell excess flowers to the public if I over order.

2) Peak seasons – May/June/July/August/September are peak seasons, the busiest time in our wedding calendar. We take on a lot of weddings in a short space of time – it’s intense!

3) The costs of flowers (the price we buy them at from our wholesalers) fluctuates daily, so we also need to account for those potential rises for weddings that are next year. One day a particular rose stem can be £0.90p, the next day it can be £6.00, it’s crazy to predict. Then add tax on top of that.

4) I want to offer couples the most premium wedding flowers, such as the biggest and fluffiest Roses. My bouquets are also quite flower-heavy. This is not only a part of my design style but also a part of my brand and brand image. In order to achieve this look, I need to buy a lot of flower for your designs, which can only be achieved by having a minimum spend in place.

5) When you pay for your wedding flowers, the actual amount that’s going towards paying ourselves a wage isn’t as much as you may think. Remove tax, Operational costs to keep the business running (software subscriptions, workshops we may attend to develop our skills, and replenishing tools to ensure we can do our jobs properly) and then the actual spend buying the flowers themselves, we’re then left with what we pay ourselves as a wage. Having a minimum spend in place allows me to get to do the thing I love the most, creating your wedding flowers, and being able to pay my rent. It’s the dream, after all.

6) Plus, the rising cost of living

So why do West Sussex wedding flowers suppliers have different minimum spends I hear you ask? It’s because operational costs vary between wedding florists – some have to pay for their studios to rent, some take on larger-scale weddings and therefore need to factor in costs for freelancers, and others have higher financial goals set across the year.

What we do

Bloominati Florals currently has a set minimum floral investment of £3,000. Our approach is personal, bespoke, and designed around every aspect of your big day. You can learn more about wedding flower costs here.

My goal is to create ‘wow’ moments and memories through your romantic wedding flowers, whilst making your life as stress-free as possible. For an idea of how to maximise your floral budget, it is always best to speak to your florist, they want to do best by you.

Talking about money doesn’t need to be awkward. I jump straight into budget talk right at the beginning of our journey so that we can decide early what arrangements to prioritise so that you feel safe in the knowledge that you’ve spent wisely.

It’s also important that the West Sussex wedding florist you choose aligns with your floral budget, how much impact you’d like to make, how important flowers are to your big day, if they totally get your vision, and how you vibe with them during the Enquiry process.

If you have any questions about wedding flowers or want to run an idea past me, just pop me an email or a DM on Instagram and I’ll be more than happy to help!



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