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Is an all-foliage wedding less expensive

Are all-foliage weddings cheaper than flowers?

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The most common question I am asked as a West Sussex wedding florist: is an all-foliage wedding less expensive than flowers?

The answer? Yes and No. Allow me to explain

West Sussex wedding flowers vs All-foliage weddings

Just having foliage may be a less costly option than using flowers. Certain types of foliage cost more than others, though. Depending on how you use greenery and what type you use can also affect the price.

For example, an all-greenery garland is very labour intensive and this is where the price will rise. Garlands can range between £20-£35 per foot, my price per foot is £25. Small, all-foliage table centres will ultimately be cheaper.

To get that gorgeous, textural, wild look requires at least three different types of foliage types. Our wholesalers require us to either buy in bunches of 50 stems, or five bunches per foliage as a minimum.

It’s helpful for us to know what designs you would like on your wedding day so we know how to spread the cost across all arrangements and therefore, give you a price on specific arrangements like your bouquet. Asking for a price for a single item is very difficult for us because of this very reason.

All-foliage weddings – what else to consider

It’s also worth noting that tropical foliage is its own entity and will naturally be more expensive than your standard foliage.

Now, I’m not saying an all-foliage wedding isn’t a viable option.

My advice is to be flexible with the foliage’s that your florist recommends (just having Eucalyptus will hike up the price pretty quickly) and have a budget in mind so that they can tell you what you can exactly get for that amount. Once you know, it will be easy to prioritise items over others to keep that budget tight.

I hope that explains the question ‘Is an all-foliage wedding less expensive than flowers?’ for you. You can learn more about wedding flower costs here.

If you have any questions relating to flower and foliage selection, budget queries, what’s in season on your wedding month, I am here to help. Pop me an email or send me a DM on Facebook or Instagram.




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