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Wedding Flowers in Sussex, Kent, Surrey and Hampshire

we've flowered for couples at the most beautiful wedding venues across the South - from manor houses,, to barns, to private property, we can't wait to tell your love story through the medium of flowers. take a look at the areas that we cover below and some of our all-time favourite wedding venues.


sussex wedding flowers

kent wedding flowers

hampshire wedding flowers

surrey wedding flowers


East Sussex and West Sussex truly embrace romance with a delightful mix of wedding venues, offering something for every vision and vibe 

East Sussex, historic venues such as castles, manor houses, and charming countryside estates provide a fairy-tale setting for weddings. The scenic South Downs National Park offers breathtaking vistas, creating a romantic atmosphere for exchanging vows. West Sussex, with its coastal beauty and quaint villages, adds a touch of seaside allure to the wedding experience.

The sheer variety is a romantic playground, a treasure trove of possibilities where each venue tells a unique love story, ensuring that every couple finds their fairy-tale setting to be adorned with the most stunning sussex wedding flowers to celebrate their magical day.

Firle Place

Horsted Place

Laughton Barns

Wadhurst Castle

Some of our favourite venues for Sussex wedding flowers include:

Upwaltham Barns

Wedding Flowers in kent Venues

Kent offers a romantic tapestry of wedding venues that caters to every couple's dream. Picture saying "I do" in a charming historic castle, where love intertwines with centuries of stories. 

For those seeking an intimate affair, quaint countryside barns offer a cozy and rustic charm. Kent's picturesque coastline adds a touch of seaside magic to weddings, with venues boasting breathtaking views of the coast. 

Luxury manors, surrounded by lush gardens, provide a classic and timeless setting for a romantic celebration. In the towns, you'll find delightful venues ranging from historic hotels to chic modern spaces, ensuring that every love story finds its perfect stage to be surrounded by the most breathtaking wedding flowers in kent for you and your love. 

The appeal of Kent lies not just in its diverse venues but in the county's inherent charm, making it a magnetic choice for couples seeking a romantic and memorable wedding experience.

Some of our favourite venues for Kent wedding flowers include:

Port Lympne

Chafford Park

Salomans Estate

Chilston Park

Hayne House

Hever Castle

Quex Weddings

Wedding Flowers in hampshire Venues

Nestled in the heart of southern England, Hampshire beckons couples with a diverse array of wedding venues that capture the essence of romance.

Hampshire's appeal lies not only in its varied venues but also in the county's natural beauty, from rolling hills to tranquil riversides, creating a picturesque canvas for love to unfold,

Hampshire boasts some of the the most beautiful manor houses in the South surrounded by lush gardens with serious dramtic allure, whilst stylish town venues inland provide sophistication and contemporary backdrop for their special days and their Hampshire wedding flowers. 

Beyond the vast venue variety, Hampshire's timeless appeal lies in its rolling landscapes, historic charm, and the tranquility that envelops the county, making it a truly romantic choice for couples embarking on their journey into forever. 

Some of our favourite venues for Hampshire wedding flowers include:

The Grange

The Mansion at Coldeast

Cowdray House

Southdowns Manor

Barnett Hall

The Bugle

Frensham Hall

Pylewell Hall

Froyle Park

The Barn at Avington

Wedding Flowers in SURREY Venues

Surrey, with its timeless charm, presents a delightful range of wedding venues to suit every couple's taste.  

The most magnificent estates and enchanting gardens provide a classic backdrop for those seeking a timeless and tranquil atmosphere. In the towns, chic contemporary spaces cater to a variety of vibes, ensuring that every couple can find the perfect venue for their special day. 

Beyond its diverse venues, Surrey's appeal lies in its picturesque landscapes, historic touches, and an overall sense of serenity, making it an ideal and romantic choice for couples embarking on the beautiful journey of marriage.

Some of our favourite venues for Surrey wedding flowers include:

Northbrook Park

Nonsuch Manor

Langshott Manor

Wotton House


Farnham Castle

DeVere Horsley Towers

Addington Palace

Botley's Mansion