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price of wedding bouquets

Why does the price vary between wedding florists?

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You might be wondering why the price of a wedding bouquets vary between florists you have requested quotes from. Here are a few reasons for the price variation:

1) The flowers in your bouquet

Depending on what you’ve asked for, your florist may have included premium flowers, such as Peonies, Garden Roses, Dahlias, or specific Roses that are a little harder to source and therefore come with a higher price tag to achieve your desired look.

Professional, high-end wedding florists source their flowers from the best growers worldwide who in turn need to be compensated for growing, processing, packaging and shipping the flowers in perfect condition direct from their farms to wholesalers whom we purchase from.

It is of course possible to downscale a look, but the quality of the design could be compromised.

2) Experience

The amount of time and financial investment a florist has devoted to their training will reflect in the work that they create – this is why it’s important to love the work that your potential wedding florists creates, as you are buying into their style and years of perfecting their artistry.

3) Your florist is undercharging

Real talk – the industry is struggling at the moment with all of the uncertainty and hesitation to book suppliers in case COVID-19 restrictions throw another spanner in the works, forcing you to have to either change your date or downsize.

As a result, *some*, emphasis on the some, florists may be undercharging to secure work. Whilst a lower price point is, of course, attractive to newly-engaged couples, this ultimately sends a ripple-effect on the industry-standard prices that other florists are going by, making them seem more expensive in comparison. Please know – your wedding flowers will be affected as a result. They’ll either be of lesser quality and die quicker or smaller.

I hope this blog post has helped – I’m always here to help engaged couples fine-tune their budgets to achieve their dream wedding flowers and will always base recommendations on years of experience and expertise. You can pop me an email if you have any questions, or a DM on Instagram or Facebook.

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