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West Sussex wedding week: wedding flowers edition

Flower advice


What actually happens behind the scenes the week of your wedding when it comes to your wedding flowers? Believe it or not, the work begins at least five days before your actual wedding day for your West Sussex wedding florist.

Preparing your West Sussex wedding flowers

  1. Step one will be prepping vases so they’re sparkling, cleaning buckets, cleaning any candle holders, checking inventory, and ensuring we have everything that we need ready for your flowers to arrive with us, as well as for your wedding day.
  2. Your flowers will arrive with us a few days before the big day. They arrive in boxes in the early hours of the morning and would have been out of water for a fair bit, so we need to move fairly quickly when they arrive. We remove the leaves and thorns, and cut an inch off the ends and place them in water so that they can rehydrate
  3.  Roses at this point will be tight and closed. This process can take hours depending on the number of flowers. We place them somewhere cool and dark so that they can recover from the journey.
  4. Over the next few days, we monitor the flowers to ensure that they’re opening up perfectly and look their best for your arrangements. The water is changed regularly and the ends are recut to ensure they’re soaking up the water.
  5. Depending on how large the wedding is, the process of creating will start a day or two before delivery. Vases are washed, disinfected and prepped beforehand. The largest arrangements are created first, with the smallest arrangements such as buttonholes, corsages or hairpieces left until last.
  6. The morning of your wedding, arrangements are given a final check-over to ensure that all flowers are looking their best. They’re then wrapped and packed up beautifully and carefully placed in the vehicle to make their way to the delivery location, which would have been agreed upon previously.

That’s a fairly brief version of what goes on – the week of your wedding is a super exciting time and I love the process of getting your flowers looking perfect for you so that your arrangements can look their best.

If you have any questions about wedding flowers or want to run an idea past me, just pop me an email or a DM on Instagram and I’ll be more than happy to help!