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The lowdown on having a wedding flower archway

Flower advice


I LOVE a good wedding flower archway, so let’s chat about some things to consider when opting for a flower archway/arbour for your wedding day

* You can choose a few different styles – you can have deconstructed designs with two or three sections of romantic wedding flowers, you can choose to have flowers coming up from the bottom of the arch, slowly dispersing into thin air, or you can opt for a full floral arch with no negative space whatsoever.

* If you’re opting for an arch, speak to your florist about how it can be utilised in different areas of your wedding following your ceremony. They can be repurposed behind your top table or even used as a photo booth for your guests. If you do opt to do this, there may be an additional charge for time for labour/time spent moving the arrangement, your florist can provide more detail about this whilst discussing.

* On this note, it is important to communicate your plans with your photographer and florist to ensure that you get all of the photos that you need before the archway is moved!

* Be prepared to spend upwards of £1,00, these arrangements are labour intensive, take way more flower and foliage than you think in order to look good, and will no doubt require a second member of staff to create and move to different areas of your wedding. Learn more about wedding flower costs here.

* You can still enjoy a wedding flower archway with a smaller wedding flower budget – my advice would be to keep table arrangements simple so that you can create the most wow factor in this area.

* Draping – this works best on a rectangular arbour frame, such as wooden or copper metal options, and seriously elevates the design.

I hope the above tips help – if you have any questions about wedding flower archways, just pop me an email or a DM on Instagram and I’ll be more than happy to help!