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What might surprise you about wedding flowers

Flower advice


Did you know that there are literally hundreds of different varieties of White, Nude, Blush or Red Roses, not just one or two per colour group?

West Sussex Wedding florists spend a great deal of time learning and mentally documenting which are the most reliable varities of Roses to use in your wedding flower recipe.

For example, there are small Pink Roses, large Pink Roses, Pink Roses that take days to open up to their most stunning, Pink Roses that open up really quickly in the space of a day, and the of course there’s finding that perfect shade of Pink for your romantic wedding flowers colour palette.

Through experimenting, meticulous research, and trial and error, we as wedding florists begin to build a catalogue of those wedding flowers that will look the most perfect on your wedding day.

Why is this important?

Well, it all comes down to trust. You want to know that your wedding florist is making decisions that are based on years of knowledge and experience, so that you know you’re in the best hands.

If you have any questions about wedding flowers or want to run an idea past me, just pop me an email or a DM on Instagram and I’ll be more than happy to help!

Image: Imogen Eve Photography