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Feeling confused about wedding flower costs? Not sure where to start when it comes to picking a budget? Lost on how to use your budget to style your gorgeous Sussex wedding venue?

I hear you, and I understand. We don't skirt around the subject of budget here and provide a promise to clients to provide complete clarity and assurance that their floral budget will be put to the best possible use. 

We can help determine which areas to focus your budget on that are in line with your wedding flower vibe and venue space.

Keep scrolling for information on how pricing works with Bloominati Florals.

Let's start at the begining - many factors can affect the price point of a quotation, making it not something that can be answered instantly. Factors such as:

🤍 Abundance
🤍 The arrangements
🤍 Number of guests / tables
🤍 Colour Palette
🤍 Budget Priorities 
🤍 Extra help - will more than one florist be needed on the day to create your dreamy installations on-site on the day?
🤍 Labour & Travel

Your quotation is completely bespoke, personalised and unique, just like your wedding. 


wedding flower budgets
in a nutshell

Deciding how to use your wedding flower budget can be super easy and incredibly fun. It's important to understand that there's no one size fits all when it comes to wedding flowers, and being flexible and open-minded is key to achieving your dream wedding flower vision. 

On average, we find our couples spend between 2.5 - 6k on wedding flowers with Bloominati Florals spread across the three main areas - Personal Flowers, Ceremony Flowers & Reception Flowers.

This will often include priority spending on a statement Ceremony feature that can then be repurposed for Reception celebrations, such as a broken archway, floral frames, urns, aisle flowers, ceiling or fixtures, a mantelpiece or staircase design, wedding party flowers, and table designs. We are firm believers on prioritising spend on the designs that will be remembered and make the biggest impact.

Going up the budget scale sees more abundance ( flowers), larger arrangements, more of them, bigger floral moments, and a greater impact, it's as simple as that.

TOP TIP - It's your day, so don't feel pressure to include items your heart truly isn't into, such as buttonholes, thank you bouquets or corsages.

You'll never feel in the dark working with Bloominati Florals. We celebrate our couples through memorable floral design and we're completely obsessed with making your big day magical.

Working with us, you'll gain:

🤍 Honest recommendations for the best use of your floral budget based on your venue space, priorities and vibe
🤍 Ideas on how to repurpose high-impact Ceremony designs for Reception celebrations
🤍 Complete clarity around pricing with itemised quotations and breakdowns
🤍 Fun planning - always

Sound dreamy? Let's get to work on planning your dream wedding flower vision!

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Real wedding examples

£195.00 per arrangement 



  • Pampas is classed as a premium product, which will affect the overall cost
  • More flower-heavy than foliage-heavy, the look the couple were after for thier vibe
  • Also included in the overall costs are labour charges (design, creation), mechanics (trays, chicken wire)  and the cost of the Milk Churn itself, which was £15.00

  • Being flexible with flower choices and colour palette allows your wedding florist to select a mix of premium and cost-effective flower choices within your colour palette, which ultimately means more flowers for your budget!
  • Expect arrangements that include shades such as Rust, Toffee and Blush to come with a slightly-higher price tag. This is because these are in-demand shades which hikes up the price on the markets
  • These types of arragements will always be worth the investment due how many different ways they can be repurposed from Ceremony to Reception, making your budget ultimately work harder

£265.00 per arrangement 



  • Premium blooms were used - Toffee Roses, Quicksand Roses, Delphiniums and Spray Roses
  • More flower-heavy than foliage-heavy
  • Slightly larger than an average aisle flower arrangement due to the plan to reuse these on the apple crates as an entrance feature
  • Also included in the overall costs are labour charges (design, creation), mechanics (trays, chicken wire) 

How to use this information

Please use the following examples to give you an idea of how premium flower choices and size can affect the overall cost of a specific item.

These arrangements are also availabe at different price points. We will not be able to quote exactly the same as it's likely the space the arrangement will be placed in will be a different size, which ultimately changes the cost. 


We've created a wedding flower cost UK calculator to help you in the early stages of your wedding flower budget planning.

Simply type in quantities and the wedding flower cost calculator will give you a rough idea based on your requirements.

Please note, this is an approximation - to get an accurate quotation, pop us an enquiry.

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